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Arrival of summer: Chilam Joshi festival to kick off in Kalash today

Photo by Fazal Khaliq & Express Tribune.

Photo by Fazal Khaliq & Express Tribune.

CHITRAL: Chilam Joshi, a four-day festival, will kick off on Wednesday (today) in Kalash Valley, some 27 kilometres from Chitral.

The festival commemorates the arrival of summer and celebrates the abundance of dairy products during the season...

...Got Milk

On the first day of the festival, they will decorate their houses with flowers. The following day they will distribute milk among friends and loved ones and participate in the ritual of gulparik. This practice involves the baptism of infants with milk.

Restrictions imposed on mothers with newborn children to attend social events and gatherings have been removed. Their newborn children will participate in the baptism while villagers dance to the beat of the drum.

“This is an opportunity for people living faraway to celebrate,” said Kalash People’s Development Network Chief Executive Luke Rehmat. “The festival gives the message of peace to the world..."

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