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Attan is nationally seen and Qarsak is now also now seen as national. Of course, there are these ultra-nationalists who have not to do with Qarsak because they only want to dance Attan. So in Afghanistan, there are over 48 ethnic groups and over 200 languages, and also Hazaras speak Hazaragi, as Tajiki ... but there are also regions, or Hazara in the north who speak Pashto completely ... the stems are totally mixed . The Baluchis in the north speak Dari but with a Pashtun Accent. There are therefore different Attan. Each Attan is different. Each region has a different Attan style. Also whether men and women dance together or not, there are many disputes. But there is also a national Attan, Attan milli. And Kuchi dance is also different. Attan would be the most practiced. Attan is a way of life. Chop bazi is also a kind of Attan from Pakistan or India. I prefer Attan, but I cannot dance it so well. Qarsak I can dance well. I cannot Attan, I would just make a fool of myself. Also I dance at for example, the seminars that a friend of mine organizes, where Germans also dance. At weddings all Afghans try to dance, even if they cannot dance they all try to go there and to move a bit. Just because they're Afghan.


Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Panjshiri

STORY ID: 00013

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