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The national dance (Attan) is a symbol of Afghans. Attan at weddings can thus be a symbol of joy, and above all, a symbol is a unit of the society. In order to experience this unity, Afghans dance on the date of independence from the British. This day is very important and young people and old people would always dance to it.

There are different types of Attan, sort of by tribe that people dance. Attan used to be danced to address disputes between different tribes. Former warring tribes would dance together. Attan was danced for various important people to receive or welcome. For example, when a president, king, or diplomat came to visit, people danced Attan to receive you. Not everyone would participate in dancing non-Attan dances, but with Attan, everyone except for the Imam dances because none are ashamed of seeking a symbol of freedom and pride. Attan gives national feelings.

Our Imam's son got married recently, for example. Even the Imam enjoyed watching Attan dances at the wedding. Music is related to national and cultural symbols, and national unity. This kind of dance is not prohibited. It allows people to express feelings and allows people to build unity. That is allowed. All Imams agree. In normal (not Attan) dance the person who dances comes into question. Ulema and imams are agreed that un-national dances are full of shame and cannot be watched. Dancers then bring to their own feelings. These personal feelings can be sexual, or maybe they want to put themselves in the spotlight. That is then quite selfish.


Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Age: 51

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Tajik

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