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Bandari is famous among the young generation who had the experience of migration in Iran. I personally had that experience. Like, one of the dance styles was literally called “Bangari.” “Bangar” means “port.” P-O-R-T. It’s like you’re shaking your shoulders you’re moving around, you’re moving up your hands, and your fingers are moving, just moving. Socially, people who are coming from Iran, spending many years in Iran, their identity was formed in Iran. They love Iran, they love everything about Iran. Their culture, their religion, their knowledge, their social and cultural approaches, the way that they are speaking. In terms of dance, when they are dancing in a party, they might think that Afghan dance styles are senseless because they don't have cultural meaning. But others would say, I cannot speak English, German, or any other language, but we can move your bodies. I can express the emotions inside through moving. This is one way to communicate with people. Dance is a language.


Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Hazara

STORY ID: 00004


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