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Disco Dancing


I watch dancing and I love it. I love any kind. South American, Afghan, all sorts. I have lots of opportunities to watch dance. Afghans in Germany actually dance a lot.

I don't like to dance, though. I didn’t grow up with it because it was forbidden so I didn’t do it. If I would have, I would have been considered a rebel. A good honorable woman doesn’t dance because you attract men, so it’s not good. At weddings I dance only when it’s really asked of me.

For me personally, dancing isn’t a bad thing. I motivate my daughter and son to dance. Sometimes I try to dance, but there’s no happiness. It just makes me nervous and I’m happy to be away from the dance floor. Being on it makes me feel insecure. I don't like to dance with others. I can't bear it. I feel like I'm being watched when I dance with other Afghans. It's less scary with German company though. I think because of that I like what I would call European dance, or to move like I like. I can do this and feel happy, and watch too.

I would say that when one dances, one should stay confident in oneself, not be afraid that one is being watched by others. That's what I'm trying to teach my son and daughter, because I hope they can find a way out of the insecurity and nervousness that I feel.


Location: Hamburg, Germany

Age: 44

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Kabuli

STORY ID: 00039

#story #discodancing #clubdancing

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