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Samanac Dance

Kabul Techno Dancers. Photo via Afghan Voices.


For Samanac celebration, the food is cooked for days, and to make this cooking time more exciting, it is danced and sung while the women stir the food and continue cooking. In general, I believe that women are more for culture - they never part with the family and relatives at festivals or celebrations - where men are politicians, and if there are festivals or celebrations, men are all sitting around at the table and discussing politics. Young people are both. I dance with families parties, weddings, Eid celebrations for Nowruz celebrations, and there will most dancing instead. There are also strict conservatives, but when men and women are dancing separately, the dancing gets wild!

I find that dance is a universal language. I was a time in Portugal and danced in the street with friends and others from Portugal while there. We all understood each other.


Location: Kassel, Germany

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Pashtun

STORY ID: 00033


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