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Pakistan's Forgotten Pagans Get Their Due

Though we're not sure how we feel about some of the language used to describe the Kalash people, we feel this article shares some great information about and photos of Kalash culture and traditions. The Kalash live primarily in what is now Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan, though now you might find people of Kalash heritage spread across the globe courtesy of recent migration.

The Kalash, who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great's invading soldiers, have lived in isolation in Pakistan for centuries. Now the tiny pagan tribe is getting long-due recognition as a distinct religious and ethnic group.

Photo by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Image 1: For centuries, members of the ancient pagan Kalash tribe were left behind and largely forgotten, shielded from the outside world by the towering, remote mountains of northwest Pakistan. The Kalash consider themselves descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers, and have lived mostly in isolation since the warrior invaded the region more than 2,300 years ago....

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