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Aryana Saeed, Afghan Pop Star, Won’t Let Mullahs Stop the Show

Aryana Saeed, an Afghan singer, performing in Kabul on Saturday after her concert at Ghazi Stadium on Friday was canceled. Photo by Massoud Hossaini/Associated Press.

We have chosen to include this article because it raises many important questions about the role and value of dance. In particular, we noticed the statement by Mullah Attaullah Faizani, the chief of Kabul’s Ulema Council, in reference to why Aryana Saeed should not have been permitted to hold a concert at Ghazi Stadium, "Fighting is ongoing in Afghanistan and every day we lose our civilians, and this is no time to sing and dance.” We would welcome readers' thoughts on this statement. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Afghan singer and pop star Aryana Saeed, as famous here for her curve-hugging costumes as she is for her feminist lyrics, can sell out any stadium in Afghanistan, and in many other countries as well. When it comes to her home country, though, that does not necessarily mean she can perform in them.

Ms. Saeed’s latest concert in Afghanistan was to be held in Ghazi Stadium in Kabul on Friday, and despite heavy security and secrecy until just before the event, all 30,000 tickets sold quickly at hefty prices, according to Ms. Saeed’s manager...

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